3 Low Cost Ad Campaigns Every Business Should Use


These are the first 3 ad campaigns I always setup.

They are cheap.

They are effective.

And I want to say they (always) generate a positive ROI, but I’m superstitious. I’m just going to say “They almost always generate a positive ROI.

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Here they are…

1. The Adwords Competitor Blocker

I’m including this one first because to me it’s the most no-brainer of the 3 and I’m shocked more people don’t use it.

It’s like leaving money on the table for everyone else to take.

Forget about all the keyword research and high click prices. You MUST at least run ads on your own brand name, product name, and website address. People are searching for these things right now. You have the ability to affect what they see when they do – so do it!

If you’re not doing this then you’re playing Russian roulette with your sales. Do you even know if your competitors ARE targeting these keywords? If not, whew you got lucky. If yes, are you going to let them do so uncontested?

This is not only a defensive campaign, but it’s also a money maker. I know your fear is spending money and not getting a return. To which I say, if you can’t convert people who are already searching for you, then have bigger problems to worry about first.

If you’re doing any kind of marketing at all, then people are Googling you. They are doing so to try and find more info about you. Many times they are just afraid to click your FB ads because one time years ago they got a virus by clicking some shady ad somewhere.

Your prospects are searching your brand name, your product names, and your website address. This is common Internet user behavior. You can verify it either with your own Google analytics. You could also verify by doing a little research about popular searcher behaviors.

One of my friends built a $150 million dollar company doing this. He would setup campaigns using brand name keywords for products that would run on infomercials.  It was free money just laying there for my friend to come collect.

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2. The Facebook Sale Closer

This will close sales that you were sooo close to making, but you completely lost.

The way it works is creating a Facebook ad campaign targeting people who have visited your cart pages, but have not completed a sale. You then offer these people an incentive, xx% off or $xx off if you complete your order today. It closes sales that were almost made on their own.

Most people never track how many people visit their order forms or cart pages and don’t finish the sale. Maybe it’s a good thing they don’t check their cart abandonment rates because sometimes the number is quite high. When I’ve shown this number to clients, they were shocked to find numbers as high as 85% order abandonment.

It’s common to find 60%+ people are visiting your order pages and then just not finishing the sale.

You almost had them!!!

They were right there!

The Facebook Closer helps you finish off these super close sales by turning up the heat just enough to make them jump off the fence. It doesn’t have to be just Facebook either. That’s just the obvious place. You can setup this same campaign in Facebook, Yahoo Gemini, Twitter, Youtube, and all over the web with Google Remarketing.

It should be a no-brainer to run this campaign. It’ll only cost you $10 – $100 per day. There aren’t thousands of people visiting your cart pages – unless you are a major retailer. In which case you would already be doing this.

There are likely a few hundred people per week, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this campaign only costs you a couple dollars per day. Which could turn into hundreds per day and thousands per week with the sales it brings in.

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3. The Twitter Competition Infiltrator

I don’t care if you like Twitter or even if you use it.

Fact of the matter is, you’ve got some competitors on there and their customers are up for grabs. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy too.

I’ll give you an example of how this works, you can apply this to any market and any product.

Let’s pretend you sell basketball equipment.

There are a ton of basketball players with Twitter profiles. As well as basketball news tweeters and basketball websites that have Twitter profiles. They all have followers that you can target with FB ads.

The same is possible for people who sell software and digital information. If you sell supplements, services, or physical products, you too can do this.

What you do is come up with a blog post that you know your market would love. For me, it was “10 Ads That Made Millions for Their Founders.” That blog post to my market is like a porch light to moths. They can’t resist it.

Then on that blog post I put several mentions where they could opt-in for all 50 Ads That Made Millions. This is a content upgrade. It’s where you give someone more of the content they just clicked to read, but they just have to trade their email address for it.

I only spend $10 – $25/day doing this.

And everyday my competitions most loyal fans click over to my blog post and opt-in to my marketing funnel for the 50 ads swipe file. You should be doing this too. Don’t you want all your competitors customers to know about you and buy from you?

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Action Steps For Implementing These Ideas

  1. If you’re not signed up for Adwords ads, Twitter Ads, and Facebook ads start by setting up your accounts on each.
  2. Start with the Adwords ads first, it’s the easiest money.
  3. Create a campaign called “YourWebsite.com” and 3 ad groups; Brand Name, Product Name, Website Address.
  4. In each of these ad groups put just your most relevant keywords (pro tip put “quotations” around the keywords).
  5. Once you got the Adwords ads running, create an audience inside your FB ad account called “Cart Abandoners.”
  6. The cart abandoners audience should people people who reach your cart page and exclude people who reached your thank you page.
  7. Now create an FB ad campaign called “Cart Abandonment Recovery” and target the audience you just made.
  8. Last step, create a Twitter ad campaign targeting all your competitors. (pro tip make many campaigns and split them up by types of competitors)

All 3 of these campaigns can start with just $5/day and still bring in sales. $5/day is the least and if you can try to spend $100/day or more on these.

The result, if you do will be more leads, more sales, and some of the best ROI you’ve ever seen.

Word of caution, these campaigns aren’t scalable. They aren’t designed to be. They target small pockets of people that would be likely to convert. For massive amounts of traffic/sales you should read this article.

If you have any questions about any of this, don’t hesitate to ask me on Twitter or Facebook. I want to talk to you! It’s my mission and my passion to help the world get better at online ads.

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