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It takes only 3 minutes to find out if your expertise topic is something we can create a big win for or not.


Just send us a dropbox link, then we’ll handle all the editing, technology, customer support, sales, and marketing for you.

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How We Helped Mike Hardenbrook Make $10k His First Month As An Instructor

Mike Hardenbrook

Mike Hardenbrook

Mike already runs a business, but he wanted to scratch an itch – the itch to teach.

He also wanted to have a back-up passive income stream, just so he knew if the business ever went south he had income to fall back on.

Now, Mike has extra income coming in every month and all he had to do was dropbox us his raw course files.

What Exactly Did We Do For Mike?

First, Mike spent a free weekend recording his course. He then uploaded the files to dropbox and sent us the link.

Our video editor (who went to FullSail University for video editing) edited his raw files, rendered them and uploaded them to our platform.

To turn his batch of videos into an actual course, we created a workbook and checklists for him to accompany his lessons which were also added to our platform. Everything nicely laid out in modules and lessons.

And What About The Course Launch?

Finally, our copywriter wrote his sales page and a few launch emails to our 14,000 email subscribers. On launch day we promoted Mike’s course to our 14,000 subscribers, on our fan page with 8,500 fans, setup Facebook ads, and even setup Google Adwords ads for anyone who searches for his topic.

Sales were rolling in on day one and they continue to roll in everyday. Our system keeps track of all Mike’s sales and his percentage. Once a month we login and send Paypal deposits to all of our course instructors.

What About Customer Support?

When Mike’s customers have questions, our customer support department answers them. We have an average 4hour response time for all customer support emails and we handle over 500 customer support emails per month.

This is the easiest money you will ever make.

What’s the catch?

The catch is we want a cut of the sales for all the hard work that we do. Don’t worry it’s a very fair cut and Mike is quite happy with his regular monthly paychecks.

Mike can now go on with his other daily responsibilities knowing that if anything were to ever happen, he’s still got money flowing in every month from his course sales.

What will you use your monthly checks for? Savings? Investments? Travel?

Who Can Become An Instructor?

All that we ask is that you are a legitimate expert on your topic.

Typically, our instructors have either built a successful business, work for an ad network, written a book, or speak on stages. Some have done all the above. We aren’t like other marketplaces, we only work with verifiable experts.

It’s why our students buy from us so often, they know our courses are the highest quality and taught by real experts.

5 Great Reasons To Apply…

1.) An entire team on standby ready to work for you at no cost

2.) You don’t have to worry about any of the techy parts of selling courses

3.) You don’t have to learn how to market your course, we do that

4.) Tap into our 14,000 students, Facebook ads, SEO, and Google Ads

5.) Our free course accelerator program gives you best practices and proven frameworks for course creation