10 Online Ads That Made Millions For Their Founders

I can already tell you’re one of the smart ones.

The round pegs in a square hole.

It was Roy H. Williams that said…

“A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistakes altogether.”

That’s precisely what you are doing by reading this blog post. Don’t let this be something you skim over once and bookmark it only to never look at it again.

Use this blog post as a swipe file, print it out, us it often and it’ll be worth millions to you. It will inspire new campaigns, better landing pages, and make you a smarter advertiser.

The ads you are about to see have collectively made hundreds of millions of dollars.

Which brings me to the topic of “information verification.”

How Can you Be Sure These Ads Really Made Millions?
I am not a lawyer, accountant, or journalist. I’m a media buyer like you. The information collected in this document was done with AdBeat. A tool that lets you spy on and analyze ad campaigns. I took my 10 years of experience in digital media buying and used the AdBeat tool too look up advertisers that fit the following…

Had ads which had been running for 300+ days
Had ad spends totalling $1mil+ in the last 180 days
I had insider knowledge from industry peers or personal clients
Due to client privacy I can’t point out which, but several of these ads were created and advertised by yours truly. 🙂

In those cases I have first hand knowledge that they have made many millions.

I ignored the major brands like Ford, Disney, WesternUnion because while their ads have made millions, they do a different type of marketing. I’m a big believer in the power of branding, but I kept to companies that were doing direct response marketing.

The information is not 100% accurate. In order to be 100% accurate I would have to either work for these companies or somehow convince them to willingly offer up their biggest secrets.

In my experiences AdBeat is roughly 80% – 90% accurate. If you ask around though, these companies and the ads in this document are massive successes. Now that I’ve covered my tushy, let’s all have some fun and dig into the cornucopia of wealth secrets contained in this list…

10 Online Ads That Made Millions
#1: TruthAboutAbs.com
truthaboutabsThis company is arguably one of the most imitated (ripped off) advertisers in the health space.

The owner of the company, Mike Geary, is one of the best media buyers alive. He buys ads for a lot of the top health offers and if you can land him as your affiliate it’s like winning the lottery or having Oprah mention your product.

Landing Page: http://www.truthaboutabs.com/fat-burning-kitchen.html

#2: Zulily.com
zulilyHave you ever met a woman who doesn’t love buying clothes? How about a woman who can resist a HUGE sale on clothes?

Yeah, that’s why Zulily is able to spend millions on ads. Each with roughly the same angle. Basically, every ad had a clothing item on it and mentioned a discount for that item.

Landing Page: http://www.zulily.com/womens-dresses

#3: Carbonite.com
carboniteThey are the leader in cloud-based computer backup. The way it works is you install their program on your computer and it just always keeps everything backed up for you.

They had a few different campaigns in the millions, but I chose this one because I liked the “not too late” angle. I felt like a lot of businesses could use something similar.

Landing Page: https://www.carbonite.com/en/cloud-backup/personal-solutions/personal-plans/buy/

#4: theBarefootWriter.com
The company behind this ad is no stranger to million dollar ads. This ad is for a product by AWAI, a website with courses for writers to be better more wealthier writers.

However, if you know who the man behind the curtains is, then you know this is run by Mark Ford aka Michael Masterson. Who also runs/consults for the Agora companies. Which spend hundreds of millions on ads every year.

Landing Page: http://www.thebarefootwriter.com/free/get-started/

#5: TaxSlayer.com
I was surprised by this one, but also not surprised. I had never heard of this company before, and not to be arrogant, but I do a lot of research.

For a company to spend millions on ads without me knowing is rare. However, I’m not surprised because I know several other companies in this space that do many millions per year.

Landing Page: https://www.taxslayer.com/dont_waste_a_second

#6: Fool.com
I’m sure you’ve heard of this one. MotleyFool is one of the premier websites for stock market tips and research. They pioneered this style of ad and use it for most of their offers.

They have very unique landing pages. Pretty much just a headline and an opt-in box. This is just one of their many offers and they spend tens of millions online.

Landing Page: http://www.fool.com/ecap/stock-advisor/247-3d-china

#7: Harrys.com
Harrys is so successful with their ads that you’re probably tired of seeing their ads. They spend most of their money on native ads actually, but it’s the same message.

I chose to use a banner ad for them instead because this blog post was already a nightmare to format. If you want to see their native ads, go to just about any website running native ads.

Landing Page: https://try.harrys.com/lp-2f-box-tv/

#8: Edx.org
I was blown away by how much money this company is spending. They were one of the top spenders overall. I mean even above some of the major Fortune 500 brands.

I can see why too, I instantly fell in love with their site and wanted to join.

In fact I’ll probably end up signing up for one of their courses after the summer.

Landing Page: https://www.edx.org/

#9: PalmBeachGroup.com
Another one of the Agora companies makes the list. This is their south florida affiliate run by Tom Dyson. Tom is a real life Jason Bourne type, one of the most interesting men you’ll ever meet and nicest.

This campaign crushed it for them and as far as I know it’s still pulling strong for them. Many millions have been spent and made on this campaign.

Landing Page: http://pros.palmbeachgroup.com/1512PBLSS/PPBLRC11/?h=true

#10: BloodPressureSolution.com
You’ve probably seen a million different versions of this ad online. It’s been copied or modeled after in many many other health offers. I have a clue as to why. I think the same freelance advertiser is behind all the campaigns.

I don’t want to out him here, but he works with a lot of health offers and is known to use this type of angle often. Why not, it works like gang busters. Many millions for each health offer running a similar angle.

Landing Page: http://bloodpressuresolution.com/33-adw

Ok So What’s The Big Lesson Here?
In case you didn’t notice, all of these companies were using 300×250 ad sizes.

Actually, the winning ad size for a couple of these companies was 300×600 but those ads screwed up my formatting for this post. The 300×250 ad unit size is by far the most winningest (is that a word) ad size available.

When I looked up 50 companies for this blog post, the 300×250 and 300×600 were clear winners. There wasn’t another ad size that even came close.

The reason why the 300×600 also wins is because it basically takes over two 300×250 ad units on a site. Also, because it’s bigger and yes bigger really is better.

Finally, the other big takeaway is the design of these ads. Nothing here is very complicated. Simple ads win. Period. If you’re spending hundreds of dollars to get fancy ads made in lots of different sizes, then you’re doing it wrong.

All you need is a simple 300×250 banner ad, that creates a little curiosity while also offering a benefit to the clicker.

Want To See All 50 Ads That Made Millions?
If you want me to send you the PDF version that has all 50 ads and their landing pages, just click here. Or one of the pop-ups that are probably floating around on this page by now.

Along with the PDF you’ll get a .ZIP file with all 50 of the original ads. This will make a great little swipe file for anyone who runs paid ads. I made sure to include all kinds of different types of businesses that way everyone could benefit.

If you have questions, hit me up on Twitter or Facebook.

Lastly, if you got a lot of value from this post, give it a share. My mom would be extra proud 🙂